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Today is the day the Milk Goes Off

We have a carton of milk in the fridge that is going to go off on the 17th of August. I've been trying to work out what day of the week that will be, so that I can make sure I don't give myself gastro. Blogger tells me that today is that day.

I haven't blogged for a while because all the spare time I've had on the computer I've been editing. Matt came over last night and we fiddled with things till about 2am. Sal also came over for a tad but she didn't stay long. We did a bit of work making beautiful images to dance to, but the computer crashed, and it was all gone. Bah, now I have to do it all again.

Ryan, Anmol and I watched The Island tonight. I haven't seen a movie in ages so it was good to be back. I really liked the film. It's really just one big chase movie with heaps of things smashing. I think there were not-so-subtle references to concentration camps and emancipation of slaves (except this time the slaves were white and the guards black, at least in their uniforms). I actually found the scenes of "freedom" a little emotive. It's embarrassing that I could be a smidgion moved by a Michael Bay film but thems the breaks. However, it being basically an action movie, it was cool.

If I ever happen to accidentally become a famous director I'd like to direct big, expensive action movies. I doubt I would, but I would like to. I want big highway chase scenes with cars getting squashed by large metal objects falling of the backs of trucks. That'd be splendid.

Scarlett is still pretty tops, but they spent the whole of this film making her look like a model.

I have to preach in a week and a half. I'm starting to get nervous. Whenever I preach evangelistically I get nervous. This time it's with the film so I feel like I have a whole film riding on this ten minutes of talking. I also feel like if I don't preach well people won't make decisions. I'll try to remember not to take God out of that equation.

Lucky I love it or preaching would stress me out too much.