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I love Milo Cereal

I got my speeding fine in the mail today. I thought I was doing 72km/h but the letter told me I was doing 71km/h which could mean I sped up after getting flashed. An obvious ploy, always a good idea to make a fast get-away from the speed camera.

I want to get a photo of me speeding. I thought that could be fun (not that I endorse speeding.) The problem is in the letter it said I can only get the photo if I have a lawful interest. I'm not sure if "I think it would be fun to have a photo of me speeding" is a lawful interest. So I think I might just write and say "I was driving the car and would like to see the photo. Lots of Love, Tom" I'm still deciding if that's the best way to sign the letter.

I finished reading Harry Potter today. I'm not really all that satisfied. It was fun spending the time with Harry and friends, but I have to wait till book 7 for the real pay off.

The thing that is starting to get to me about Harry is how black and white the characters are. Everyone is either good or bad, there is no in between. Snape is the only person who was ever interesting in that respect, but that's been dealt with. So it's a little boring in that respect. The good thing about Star Wars is that the battle between the Dark Side and the Not-So-Dark Side is both internal and external. That's not the case in Harry and I think the books are much weaker for it.

Still they are fun.

Now I can go back to reading Nelson Mandela's book.

We filmed on the weekend.

I've enjoyed these film shoots a lot. Maybe I'm enjoying not having the stress of directing. There has been lots of silliness on set.

I've also been enjoying editing. I like making it all come together. Putting hours of footage into a coherent story. That's fun.

I think the production values are better on this shoot too. Each time we make a film we're getting better at it.

I really like Milo Cereal.