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While there are many nasty rumors going around that I am suffering from the early on set of male pattern baldness, I highly doubt they are true.

But since my hair line is beginning to take a little rest from covering the front of my head, I have decided it that I might not get a hair cut for a while. Just to celebrate the hair that I have. I had been toying with the idea for a while and it became a cemented decision tonight when my Grandfather asked if he could touch my head. Usually people like to touch my fluffy, sheep like hair, but tonight he wanted to touch my bald spot.

My Auntie told me that balding is caused by high amounts of testosterone. Wikipedia has since debunked this idea for me, but I have decided to ignore that and assume that my hair loss is a sign of my alpha maleness. Perhaps something important to note is that Apes and other primate species use balding "to convey increased status and maturity." (Thanks Wiki)

I also have been known to be teased for the amount of body hair that I have. Body hair actually is caused by testosterone, and Wikipedia has told me that "a hairy chest is considered as very masculine and attractive." (Please don't bother to check the context of that quote.)

So, since doing this research, I feel I must declare myself Alpha Male. At least
"Follicly Alpha Male". Hair loss and a hairy chest, how much more masculine can you get?