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The sad thing about video editing is that you can't listen to music while you do it.

We had a production meeting today at Cafe Florence in Hornsby Mall. I had the continental breakfast. I like eating breakfast out, but I wasn't very good at getting up at 8am on a Saturday morning. There should be no numbers on the clock before 10am on Saturdays.

This arvo I had a Barbie with my small group. It was fun. We spent a lot of time throwing frisbees and kicking balls around. I think I could say that I enjoy kicking balls now. I never used to but I think that was because everyone was always better at it than me. They still are, but I'm less inclined to put any sense of self-worth on whether or not I can kick a ball.

On Tuesday when I hanging out with Hannah I took her through the car wash. She thought that was great. I love car washes too. Once, Mil and some others off us took her car through the car wash. I think we were looking for something to do. We brought ice creams then through we drove through. It was an extremely laughous* event. I have that as a memory of when I have found something absurdly hilarious. I do like car washes.

*I made that word up.