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Everything with the film ended up good. I managed to have about 3 and a half hours sleep, and half an hour before going to the dress rehersal. For some reason I'm still functioning ok.

The dress rehersals were good. Everyone's done very well. I think the show's going to be good.

Sadly watching the film in a different context I found things to fix. I was hoping to just be able to not have to touch the film for the next week but there are sound things to play with, and one or two little visual things to fix. Oh well. They shouldn't take long.

Tonight I went to Kristen's party. It was good. I was thinking I would be rather unawake, but I think I coped. There were many good people there. Sadly I have to be at work in some hours, why can't church be on at 2pm. Oh well, I'll be fine.