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2,329 Words Later

I've finished. Hooray. It's probably a silly idea to be blogging now, but it's not going to make much difference.

Here is an action shot of me typing my essay. I'm about 1,400 words in at that stage.

Action Shot.jpg

You'll notice that I'm reading the The NIV Application Commentary of Luke. I really shouldn't be seen reading that. Those commentaries are looked down upon by serious Bible Scholars. I should be embarrassed to be seen reading it. I think maybe because it's easy to read. Bible Scholars don't like things that are easy to read, it makes them feel dumb. It may also be because it has interesting anecdotes in it as well, Bible Scholars don't like interesting books, it makes them feel frivolous. It may be because it has a picture of Willow Creek on the front. I'm not sure what Bible Scholars think of Willow Creek, but serious Bible Commentaries are meant to have daggy covers, so they look boring to read.

I photocopied all the serious Bible commentaries, but I wouldn't have looked nearly as academic if in my "action shot" I was holding a photocopied piece of paper.

Anyway, I'm done now.

While writing this essay I learnt that in the ancient world they would use shellfish called Murex to get purple dye and "it would take about 12,000 molluscs to yield sufficient dye for one Roman toga." That's why purple was a very expensive colour to wear. (From here)

Good night.