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Yesterday I spent all day sitting around writing and agonising over my sermon. I got it finished at about 1am and decided to pike on my morning run.

I dreamt all night that I was meant to go to Canberra and lead worship for Soul Survivor, but I couldn't because I was meant to be preaching in Sydney, and I didn't think I'd make it back in time. I was feeling a little stressed. It didn't occour to me that I couldn't lead worship, just the timing problems.

I spent all day wearing really bad clothes. I had green tartan shorts, and a maroan, flowery shirt on. The shorts showed my knees and a little too much leg. I was wearing it as a sermon illustration. I wanted people to persectute me for my clothing, and I got that. I was inspired by Ryan's Rough Edges shirt wearing at the pub. I was scared to go to church because I was feeling like such an idiot. It's funny how we are so attached to what we wear. I would like to think that I don't care about what others think about me, but today I was quite aware that that is certainly not the case. It was hard having such terrible clothes on and knowing everyone thought I looked stupid.

Most of the day was pretty normal apart from the clothes. Youth group went well today. I sat in the youth meeting and felt like I was at a youth meeting. That was really nice. Helen spoke good. She inspired us to pray.

I preached and it went good. I always get terrified before I do a new one. I get so much pressure. I feel pressure to do one that's just as good as the last one. And then there's pressure to not worry about what people think. There's pressure to make sure you're not just putting on a show. And there's pressure to make sure it's not boring. There's pressure to preach God's word and not yours. I really wanted to run away and pray for a few hours before church but I didn't have the opportunity.

But it all went fine. People laughed in all the right places, and no one booed me off stage. I pray that God spoke. I played a Michael Franti song and I accidentally gave the impression that I wrote it. Oops, I'm a dirty liar.

We went to Macca's after church and hung out as usual. I had fun. Rach played with my camera.

When I got home Mil and I had a talk about evangelism and God stuff. It's our second since she moved in. I'm sure we'll have many more over the next few months.