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Yesterday I can't remember much of. I think I was tired. I had a bad small group. We didn't do any of the Bible study, no-one would stop talking. I think it was partly my fault because I encouraged the conversation. But they were also being rude and wouldn't settle down to do anything. In the end I had a chat with them about why we have small groups, and why they come. I hope things improve.

If I could run a group where I just hung out with the kids for an hour and a half that would be great. I love hanging out with the kids, I think they're tops.

I was going to spend a night at home. But I didn't. I went up to the Mall with Howie and met David. We got some fried food and soft drink and sat out side Antonio's Grilled and Spilled or whatever it's called. Lesley came walking along and joined us at our table. Fun, Fun, Lesley added fun.

We all headed off to Woolies to buy Hannah presents. Woolies was an enjoyable experience. One of those ones where you wonder at all the wonderful things that Woolies stocks and you make as much use of them as you can without buying them.

Today was good fun. Howie and I filmed stuff for Soul. We did some with Ryan and some at church with my drama group we came home via Maccas (which I still managed to enjoy the taste of a 7pm tonight).

At home it was a quick sleep then off to Parramatta for a Soul night. I was on warm up the audience duties. It's a little stressful doing that. My job is to entertain and loosen people up. I'm not all that confident in my ability to do that. I'd rather preach. At least then I get to use the Bible and I don't have to be funny. I would hate to be a stand up comedian. My 2 and a half hours of entertainment at Soul is really freaking me out. Don't look at me, I can't make you laugh.

But the night was good. Nothing to massive anywhere which is good. I wasn't wanting anything emotional tonight. Matt did a good talk. And that's all I have to say about that.

Actually it's not. I found my way there and home using the street directory I got for my birthday. That felt good. I love street directories, especially new ones. And I made a wrong turn on the way home but actually found a more direct route home. Poshness.

Now that's all I have to say about that.