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I am listening to The Wallflowers and trying to decide if I should have breakfast now and blog later or blog now and breakfast later. I think that I have made the decision for me.

Yesterday I got to teach scripture again. It is good fun. My year five class is great. They're all lovely kids. None are antagonistic, most like to put up their hand, and they behave pretty well. They got prizes for getting the memory verse right yesterday. I had a bag full of goodies where they could pick out what they wanted. There were packs of cards, stickers, tennis balls, glow sticks, toy cars, they loved it.

I told the story of Palm Sunday. I didn't have anything planned so I rehashed some stuff I did in my first sermon at St Petes. I have a Jewish kid who doesn't have scripture sit in my class while I teach, but he's not allowed to participate. I have to ignore him when he puts up his hand. I feel bad. He was really eager to tell me where Jerusalem was yesterday. He listens to all the stories, I think I might have to keep making sure I tell the class that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah. I might talk to him next week and tell him I'm ignoring him because I have to, not because I don't like him.

I played handball for the whole of recess today. It was good fun. When the bell went one of the kids from church gave me a hug. My arms shot up in the air as fast as they could go and I quickly told the girl I wasn't allowed to hug her. I felt dodgy. Dodgy because I couldn't hug her and acknowlege her display of affection. Dodgy because I was getting a hug from a year 5 girl in the middle of the playground. We live in dodgy world.

One of the boys in my class saw me and gave me a high five because he liked the toy car. That's the way to do it. I love teaching scripture.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Helen and I talked together, we slipped in and out of "meeting". We dreamt about getting a new Church building. Yeah baby. I'd love a new building.

I went home at 2:20 and felt extremely liberated leaving so early.

At home I had a sleep for a few hours and then caught up with my small group over the phone.

In the evening we (In order of pickup: Howie, Jo, Jem, Chris, David and Sal) went and saw Camp. On the way to pick up Jem we found a Home Ice Cream van, did some bad calculations and bought a box of 6 ice creams for everyone in the car. They were damn good ice creams. Unfortunately we counted wrong and somehow decided there were only 6 of us going to the movies instead of seven. We decided to pretend we had seven until we knew who wanted ice creams and who didn't. It was ok, Sal, always prepared, had eaten ice cream before she came so we didn't have to perform a loaves and fishes miracle.

The movie was fun. I'm hoping it had its tongue in its cheek because otherwise it had one of the worst scripts I have seen in a while. There were some good bits. There was really bad character development and placement (I don't think that's the right word). People would turn up and say a few lines and disappear off the face if the film. It was like they introduced us to an ensemble cast then forgot about the ensemble. Oh well.

The film was very camp. And there were way too many shots of the good looking guy.

The music was lots of fun. And the singing and dancing made me grin. I had the most fun during those bits.

The night ended with trip to Maccas, because what night out isn't complete without a trip to Maccas?