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Last night after small groups I stopped off at Hornsby park to drop off Ryan's shoes to the people playing frisbee. Sadly Ryan wasn't there. But I said "G'day" to the boys anyway.

We stood around talking for a bit then two policemen came over to see what we were doing. They asked us if we had been drinking and what was going on. They left us alone when they realised we weren't doing anything.

It seems that I get in trouble, or at least checked on, by the police a lot more these days. In my teenage years I never had any trouble with the police. These days I seem to be always getting checked on, or told off, for something. Security guards too. I got in trouble the other night at the cinema for inspecting a Shrek 2 blow up thing that was looking a little deflated.

I don't think I'm ever doing much wrong, I'm just more likely to do things which are a little out of the ordinary. As Howie said, "Don't they have anything better to do?"

I don't know, it would be nice if police and security guards were are bit more polite and didn't treat everyone like a criminal. I kinda enjoy getting busted, because I usually don't think I've done anything wrong. But if I'm doing something they don't like, they could be friendly when they ask me to stop playing with blow up displays or driving around deserted carparks.