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My Camera

So I have a little bit of catch up to do.

Up above you will notice my new camera. It's very nice. It takes good photos.

I bought it on Thursday. I went to the city, looking in one shop, liked the camera, went into another, found it was cheaper there, and bought it. It cost me $699. I'm sure spending that much money needs a lot more agonizing, but I couldn't be bothered. I figured I'd probably buy it anyway so I decided to cut out the hassle.

After my hefty purchase, I retired to Hyde Park. I lay on the grass in my usual spot, read my book, wrote a postcard, slept and read my Bible. I also rang my small group sitting on the grass with my legs crossed. I felt like a contented hippy with a mobile.

The Testament by John Grisham is what I was reading. I finished it last night. I'm not sure if I have talked about it yet. I thought it was alright. A little simple and easy to digest. The main character became a Christian and at times it read like a book from Koorong. But I enjoyed reading it.

After my park time I took myself to the Maccas on the corner of Park St and Pitt and sat up stairs. I sat at a bench looking out the window. It was fascinating. I love looking out windows in the city. I could see everyone walking around. There was a drunk woman on the street opposite shouting at everyone but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Straight across from me was Fitness First and I could see straight in their window. It looked quite surreal, there were rows and rows of people all running and riding to no-where. They all had their eyes fixed on the same unseen point ahead, I assume it was a television. As I sat there eating McDonald's I became quite repulsed by the idea of going to the gym, I didn't want to participate in that strange ritual.

I wandered down George St, to meet Dad and Jo at Belvoir St. I got distracted by an internet cafe on the way and arrived about 15 minutes after I said I'd be there. We went and saw What the Butler Saw (which David had warned me that I might find inappropriate). It wasn't all that good. We all found it a bit dull, but most people seemed to like it. There only seemed to be three jokes the playwrite could make, and one subject to talk about (the subject started with an S and ended with and X, can you guess?). So I was a little bored. Although I get bored with lots of sex jokes in anything. I would rather people were a bit more inventive some times. But there were some good lines. My favourite line was when the doctor was found by his wife holding a dress and she said something like "Are you thinking of taking up transvestism? I had no idea our marriage was on the brink of fashion."

Yesterday was a work day. Not too much spectacular happened.

I was in a silly mood in the afternoon, making meetings not so useful for everyone else. I played hand ball with my small group. Good fun. One of the kids in small group asked me if God invented sex and was quite surprised when I said that He did.

In the evening Ryan, David, Howie and I watched a dvd and at frozen food from Woolies. I didn't actually watch much of the DVD at all. I slept through almost the whole thing. It was a good sleep though. Why is it that when you fall asleep in front of the TV you always wake up really sweaty?

I went to bed and read my book at the end of the night. I finished at around 3am then went to sleep.