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I am reading about revival at the moment. Doing a little research for tomorrow night's warm up job.

I just read a story that reminded me of my first ISCF conference when I was in year 9. There was one night, the last night I think, where we had a special service to end the conference. We had a woman named Susan who had been speaker. She was very good. She was the first person I ever heard speak that really made me see that there can be value in up-front Bible teaching. She also played the keyboard and led the worship sessions. This last night she led us in a time of singing, and it was very nice. We sang "Ancient of Days" and we all loved it, so we asked her to play it again. She did. We got even more into it this time, play it again. This time people started to dance. Play it again. I started to dance. Again and again she played this one song. Every now and again she'd try a different song, but it didn't seem to work so back to "Ancient of Days" it was. Over and over. Hours of this one song, and it was fantastic. These days, I don't think many Christians could think of anything worse. But for us, that night, it was very special. We sang for hours, we danced, we shouted, clapped, and I have no idea why any of it happened.

When we stopped we all went to bed feeling fantastic.

Everytime I sing "Ancient of Days" I think of that night.

I only thought of this from the revivals because often things seem to happen at no-one's promptings, God just does stuff, and it can go on forever. I'm not sure how much changed because we sang "Ancient of Days" for a few hours, but it was a special few hours.