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Where's the Community?

It was community night tonight, or at least that's the impression I got, and we organised a community event, off to the pub we would go. Ryan, Robert and I. Ryan and Rob e-mailed lots of people, I messaged many also.

In the whole night, 4 people turned up. Julian and us. I had lovely time. I had my first ever Bourbon and Coke. That was ok. I might have one again when I feel the desire to drink alcohol. I had a Coke too. That was better. Julian didn't stay for long. Ryan and Robert played coin rugby. I sat there and drowned my sorrows.

If I ever get depressed I probably won't turn to alcohol. I would like to though, because they do that in the movies.

After we sat around for a bit more. Anmol and Helen may have turned up but we told them not too. We were a little out numbered by everyone else in the pub so we went home.