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"Quick, think of an illustration"

I have to write my seminar, talk, thingy today. It's about being a bloke (naked chicks and Holdens, grunt!) I'm feeling a little lost. I'm hoping it all comes out. I've been praying for weeks, so I'm hoping it's answer time. Matt wrote a good article for this particular gathering about being a guy. It has been an insipiration for me. I wanted to talk about something blokey, that wasn't sex, but I wasn't really sure what. Matt's article was about identity and belonging (I hope it was) and I thought, "Yeah, now theres a good topic". So I'm speaking about that. Hopefully it'll look like we had planned it this way, and no-one will see that I'm really just stealing ideas.

I have to read my commentaries and eat in the food court today (it's food court day!). I am looking forward to these things. Writing talks is much more fun than writing annual vestry meeting reports.