3/07/2003 10:11:00 pm

Things Go Wrong

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Wow. What a night I just had. I still have to talk about yesterday but tonight while it's still fresh...

The day was pretty normal. We had youth group in the park today because we couldn't go to the church due to the World Day of Prayer. Pow. That was a bad move. The park is not really a park, it's an oval. Big oval. We had four leaders today and the kids were crazy. Hypo as anything. We abandoned the activities planned because we couldn't keep the kids all in one spot. The only activity that didn't get abandoned was the pizza, and that went smoothly.

I tried to do my talk but the kids wouldn't listen. We spent the last 20 minutes sitting around waiting for the kids to be quiet. I got about a minute into Moses' extreamly condensed life story before it was time to go home. They were crazy. Next week we are going to another church. Praise the Lord. We just have to be there. I think.

There was another youth group planning on Love Bombing us tonight. I'm very glad they didn't.

At the end of the night everyone went home. But I heard one of the parents lost her kid. I spent much time making phone calls and trying to figure out who the lost person was and how they got home. In the end they had got a lift home and not called their parents. I talked to them on the phone and conveyed my happiness that they were safe.

Ten minutes later I got a phone call from the Mother, and she was very angry at me. Very angry. It has been my first really angry call at this church. My second angry parent call in my life. I said sorry for the things I did wrong (and there was some), and talked her through the other things that I didn't. But she's still very angry at me. I hope things can get sorted out.

I think it's good that people care about their kids.

Praise the Lord. Tonight has been a shocker, but I'm pretty happy. God is a good God even if things suck. I hope I can continue to be happy when things suck. I wonder if this is Joy? I'm feeling very pleased with God at the moment. I'm thinking, yay, I'm saved, Jesus died for me. I could be a crappy youth minister but God still loves me, hugely. And I'm also thinking, God sent me to this church so things will get better. And things aren't bad. People are nice, and very hospitible. And I like being here. I like the kids too. I just have to figure out, or be inspired I guess, how to do this job properly, they way God wants me too. He has a plan. I'll just need to be faithful and patient.