3/10/2003 08:35:00 pm

Loving the Lowest

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We just had a fireside with some ladies form TAMAR, which is a group who does something to do with sexual abuse in the church and making sure that it doesn't happen. It was pretty hardcore. Abuse, of any kind, but especially sexual, makes me really angry. My first response is to want to go and find the abusers and punch them in the head, and I almost never feel like that.

I don't know quite what to do now. It's all so scary. As usual I want to stop being in Youth Ministry and go find a job doing data entry where I don't have to worry about stuff anymore. Sometimes I think God got it wrong when He sent me into youth ministry. Maybe I need to learn from Moses.

I was also thinking about how the lowest of the low in our society are child abusers. How do you love them? That's a big job. I don't think I'll start a ministry for convicted abusers, but I would probably support it.

I really don't like humans sometimes. And sometimes I want to hurry up and get to heaven. Either that or get a data entry job.