3/16/2003 12:19:00 pm

Parking Police

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Well. Sunday now. The wedding was all Veggy food. There was a little chicken. And meat on the barbie, but I left before the barbie. So all I got were Chips and Lentil Puffs. Didn't I say they were hippies?

It was a very laid back wedding though. That was cool. I like a bit of laid backness.

Doing the parking was kinda fun. I had a walky talky and I got to wave people down and tell them where to park. I had this wonderful plan for three rows of cars. All with accessways out. It was a beautiful thing. But people wouldn't listen to me. I'd tell them to park in one spot and off they'd go somewhere else. Some people parked wherever they wanted and when I asked them to move they wouldn't listen to me. I tried to get them to move but they wouldn't budge. So when people wouldn't go where I wanted them I had to improvise and so we fitted about ten less cars in the parking area then we could have. How depressing.