3/10/2003 09:04:00 pm

Nothing is Random

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I like blogs.

Maybe one day I'll die and they'll put quotes from in it in a book about me. Probably not. If I'm lucky they'll put quotes in the funeral program.

I was thinking the other day that blogs are not really all that safe a way of storing infomation. What if a bomb blows up the computer that this infomation is stored on? I don't know where my blog is stored. Some random place in America I guess. Probably not random to the people who put the computer there, but random to me.

I was thinking of saying in small groups today "Nothing is Random" and it felt like it would be one of those "Everything you know is a lie" quotes accept kinda Christian and divine believing. But I think it was one of those things you think would be a good idea to say because the person next to you just said it and you weren't really paying attention. I was sitting next to Mitch and I think he said it. But I'm not sure.