3/10/2003 04:42:00 pm


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On Saturday I went to Erina for Soul Survivor. That was cool. It was an interesting day.

We went out in the afternoon (we only arrived at 2pm) to do "kindness projects". The idea is that you go out into the community and do good things for the people of the community. It's not really a traditional evangelism thing, although it would hopfully be good for evangelisim. I think it is a practical demonstration of God's love for us all. The emphasis is not on getting opportunities to tell people the gospel but just to do good things. I may have misunderstood it, but I think that's what it's all about. And I approve.

I went to the local High School and picked up rubbish around the outside. We would have gone inside but the school wouldn't let us. We prayed at three of the four corners for the school. We couldn't get to the fourth, so we didn't.

That night we had chicken burgers for dinner, I like chicken burgers. We had wedges and cheese cake too. Yay.

At the main meeting there was a drama and some musical worship, lead by people from my church. I enjoyed that.

I preached my "Love Your Enemies" sermon again. It didn't get as good a responce to the funny bits as last time, but it still came of ok. I think.

There was a ministry time post the "message" and I prayed for a guy, which I found very helpful because I hadn't prayed for anyone during a minsitry time before, and I wasn't really wanting to do it. But he was there, and I was the closest too him, and I knew God was prodding me, he has been for a while. And so I got up and did it. I found it really helpful. I don't know about him. I though managed to overcome the nerves I had about praying for people in that context. I'm sure they aren't gone, but it's better.

I don't mind praying for people, but I have never really been a big participator in the charasmatic scene. So Saturday was really good. I'm very happy I'm with this church.