3/03/2003 04:03:00 pm


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I finally preached last night. It went pretty good. I had problems with being very thirsty and so talking was quite un-comfortable. After I got myself a drink it wasn't too bad. People laughed at my jokes and I think the video was well recieved. I hope though, that I got the point across. I'm hoping people go out and do some enemy loving now. That would be good.

I had a lot of people tell me it was good, which was quite uncomfortable. I never know what to do. And responding to compliments to a sermon I felt was even harder. When you're doing "spiritual things" you feel a little guilty getting compliments for what is probably, hopefully, more God's work than mine. But you know these things happen.

Robert and Lesley came to see the church. I'm not sure what Lesley thought, but Robert liked it. He liked the music.