3/09/2003 11:01:00 pm


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Thursday. Yes Thursday. How cool were the Crows?

Way cool.

Rob and I drove in to Fox Studios in the afternoon and saw a four o'clock session of The Hours. We were thinking of seeing The Rules of Attraction but I started to feel like it was a film I didn't really want to be watching. Too much sex from the looks of things. I think I'm getting soft in my old age.

The Hours was extreamly boring. I'm sure it was a good film. But so boring. I would have much prefered seeing it on a TV screen at least there is only 38cm to find boring, not 15 metres.

After the film dinner was had, Honey chicken from the Chinese shop. Rating: Poor (I'm glad I bought a small)

When dinner was done though... Hey Hey, it's time to take your seats.

Rob and I were sitting in the front row of seats. There was lots of people standing on the floor in front, but we were sitting higher then them so we got an un-interupted view of the stage. That was cool.

Butterfly 9 played first, them being the support. They were ok. The music was better than the performance. They didn't hold my interest. But I didn't mind them playing. They just didn't kick my bucket.

Half an hour after Butterfly, everything went dark. Ooo. The crowd went wild. Cameras flashed and we saw figures moving across the stage. Some music started. And as the cameras flashed some more we could make out Adam and the rest of the Counting Crows, playing, Have You Seen Me Lately in the dark. So cool.

That's a cool song. They played many cool songs. Mr Jones was third, and cool. Everyone sang along. Everyone sang along to the song from August and not much with the other songs. I think a lot of the fans were from when the Crows first moved onto the scene. Ten years ago. This is their first time in Australia. Adam said they were having a good time and they are coming back at the end of the year. So much yay! Anyone want to come with me?

They played Rain King with Raining in Baltimore in the middle of it. I was hanging out for Round Here but that didn't come. What they did play, that they didn't on some other nights, was my fave, Anna Begins and they played it good too. Much better than the version on Across the Wire, in my own humble opinion.

Murder of One was toppess notchess. Like the Across the Wire one but even cooler. Really posh. Big finish. The bomb. The Bomb! I'm such a fan. How cool are the Counting Crows? Big Yellow Taxi was done good too. Really, I love em. Love em.

I've also decided to become a music reporter, I have found my concert review to be quite well done.

Miami was sic. Adam got people to sing along, but I don't think many people knew the words. I did though. I sang loudly. I know Adam heard me too.

I know he did.

I'm glad I went to the Crows. I think God blesses me more than I deserve. He really should hit me with a stick and send me to hell. I'm happy he dosen't though. Yay.