3/02/2009 12:38:00 am

Wii Dumb

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I'm enjoying my new church. They really are very friendly. The church should give lessons to other churches but you'd probably lose the magic.

Tonight after church we went around to the house of one of the young adults, ate pizza and played Wii Fit. I knew it was a bad idea. My coordination is lacking. No one knows me very well and I had to stand on that blasted contraption and shake my bootie for my newly found church comrades. Needless to say I was by far the worst Wii Fit person there. I managed to fail and consistently get the lowest scores on every game I played. Wii Fit didn't even call me "Amateur", I was too bad for that, it called me "Unbalanced". I didn't even know it was allowed to make statements about my mental health. I'm sure it's not going win me any friends that Wii Fit thinks I'm going snap and stab someone at any time.

If I was trying to portray myself as a sporty, coordinated person to this new bunch of people then Wii Fit just ruined any chance of that happening. Now I'll have to move on to my second option, the brooding, poetic type. I think I can pull it off. From now on, Wii Fit is beneath me. You'd never catch Bob Dylan on a Wii Fit.