3/19/2009 12:21:00 am

Perks of the Job

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So I worked Kings of Leon tonight. They were good. Better than their album I reckon. They rocked out rather well.

I spent a lot of time walking up stairs showing people to their seats. There was one group of girls who were in the last row. Or at least were meant to be in the last row. Every time I went to seat someone they were sitting in their seats so I'd tell them to go to their correct seats. This probably happened four times. Had I been mean I could have called security on them, but they weren't really causing any trouble.

Eventually when the concert had started proper they came through my door and said "Can you show us to our real seats now? We keep getting kicked out of seats and we just tried to get on the floor but they wouldn't let us on." So I showed them to their real seats and they stayed there.

When the concert finished and everyone was on the way out one of the girls grabbed me and planted a big kiss on my cheek and and said "Thank you" before she ran off. What can I say? I make the customers happy.