3/24/2009 11:03:00 pm


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I was at Mum and Dad's today and I noticed there was mail for me. So I opened it up and it was a very special ransom note written (generated here) just for me. It said (I've added punctuation and stuff):

Hi Tom,

I saw you at Kings of Leon the other night. It's good to see you have a real job. Now you must have known that church stuff would not last forever.

Love to see you again, it's been ages.



And then they left their email address.

As I do love a good mystery I sent them an email back. I can't think who it could be who would send me such a note, though I can think of plenty of people who might. I don't think I have any friends called Abby, but if I do I will feel bad that I forgot them and their habit of sending ransom notes.

Whoever it is, I'm not sure they did see me at Kings of Leon. They may have. They may have just read my blog.

I'm not sure why they sent the letter to my parents' house and not mine. I'm thinking it's either because they don't have my new address or they looked up "French" in the White Pages.

Either way I'm intrigued and awaiting my reply. If you are reading this Abby "Hello, check your email." There is always the chance they gave me an address which wasn't theirs and now some random Abby will read my email and think "Huh?"

If they want to meet up with me I promise to meet them near a security camera just in case they kidnap me. That way you can put the footage of me getting grabbed and shoved into a van on TV and I'll be famous. They probably are kidnappers, they have the same handwriting.