3/31/2009 11:57:00 pm

Thousands of Christian Women

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I worked tonight at the Hillsong Women's Colour Conference. I got put on cloakroom. That meant I sat behind a table in the foyer and minded 15 prams. It was totally awesome.

I think I was the only staff member who wasn't in the auditorium, and I was probably the only staff member who would have been interested in what was going on in the auditorium. Oh well. Perhaps it was better that all other staff learnt to be a warrior princess.

I decided to use the opportunity I had anyway. I sat at my table and tried to look as unsaved as possible. I was hoping one of those friendly Hillsong Volunteers would try and convert me or something. I'm always hoping to be on the receiving end of evangelism.

It didn't work. I generally just got smiles. One guy offered me a tic-tac. I think people tried hard to be nice to the staff because we were the only people around not connected to the church, and so probably the only heathens in the building. I even got given an apple and two free sandwiches which I took because, while I don't like sandwiches, I'm practising being poor.

So while no one tried to save me, everyone was very nice. If you wanted to be a hater you couldn't do it because they were mean.

I did get a visit from my friend Kaye at one point. We haven't seen each other in ages, so we got to shoot the breeze, compare church notes, lament our years of wandering through the Bible College wilderness. It helped pass the time with the prams while listening to the elevator versions of "How Great is Our God" that were being piped through the foyer. Who knew worship music could sound so good?

It wasn't a bad shift in the end, but I'm sorry to report Mum, I didn't find a wife.