3/07/2009 06:01:00 pm


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It turns out I didn't have to worry about what I was going to wear. I probably could have worn shorts and a t-shirt and been fine. I went to the Job Related testing to become a Trainee Signaller in the City. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. When I arrived at the building there were a few people standing around wearing collared shirts and holding pieces of paper. I figured they must be my people, so I stood near them.

Soon a woman arrived and ushered us into the building, up a lift to level 21 and sent us to a desk to get our names marked off. I was the first person signed in so I headed to the room for training, the guy in the hallway told me to "sit anywhere". As I walked into the room I looked up and there were about 50 people sitting at desks, all starring at me. I had entered from the front of the room, it was a little self concious making.

I found a free seat towards the back and sat down next to a guy. I asked him if we were all going for the one job. He said "I think so". I didn't like the idea of competing with 50 people for one position.

In the end it turns out there were probably around 60-70 people in our session, there was a rumour there were around 4 sessions and there are 35 positions available. So the odds did improve a bit.

We got given info about the job, which sounds fun, but I don't think I'll be able to do it, aside from my impending trip across the globe, it may not be compatible with with my study and I reckon it probably needs more than a one year commitment. It's very tempting to just change careers. The money is better than ministry, as are the perks. Plus I like trains.

But I know what I'm called to.

Anyway, after we were given information on the role, we were given a comprehension test to do. It was just like school. They then spent 20 minutes marking the test then gave everyone a letter. Inside the letter it either thanked you for coming and told you your scores weren't high enough to continue, or it said congratulations you have passed through to the next round. It was pretty exciting. It felt like we were on a reality tv show.

About half the people got sent home, I happened to make it through. I screamed and hugged people and talked hysterically to the camera crew.

We were then put through another 3 tests. I was hoping that people would get culled after each one, making just like Australian Idol but it didn't happen. I was disappointed. I liked the excitement, because otherwise the tests weren't all that riveting. They were comprehension tests for safety instructions and timetables. Plus there was a test where we crossed out shapes.

And when all that was done, we got sent home, I'll find out how I went in a while. I caught the first lift out of there and bought some crappy Chinese food as a reward for my hard work today.