3/04/2009 11:56:00 am

Starting a New Relationship

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Being unemployed I've been hoping to avoid going on Newstart for as long as possible. But if nothing happens with these upcoming job interviews, I'll probably need some sort of Government help.

This may not be the worst thing in the world as lots of people keep telling me they think it will be good for me to experience the joys of Centrelink. Still, if I can avoid it I will.

However I figured it's probably best to find out about it. So last Friday I went up to Centrelink to ask them about it. They said to start the Newstart process I would have to call the Employment Services number, who would then give me a Customer Reference Number, which I could then use on the website to book in to make an appointment to see someone at the offices where I was currently enquiring.

Having known that I would probably be given the run around, I didn't argue, I just took the little card she gave me went home and called the number. It was engaged.

I've been trying regularly since Friday afternoon, engaged every time.

Except once this morning! It rang. I felt like I'd got through to a radio station for a competition.

The automated woman said "Welcome to Centrelink. Please tell me your Customer Reference Number."

As I was calling to get one I don't have one. So I said "None"

She replied with "If you don't have one, please say 'I don't have one.'"

So I said "I don't have one"

She said "Sorry you need a Customer Reference Number to access this service. Goodbye."

This is going to be fun.