3/18/2009 04:44:00 pm


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So I've been thinking, I love tradition and I don't like changing things that I've had for a long time, even if they're crappy. Like my shoes. They're full of holes and I literally love them to bits.

My blog is called, for some inane reason, Mine is Around About Here which really isn't a very good title. I liked it in 2001, but it's so not 2009. For a while people thought it was called Tom Time, It's Tom Time, Hold on Everybody it's Tom Time or some other variation on Tom Time. But that has only ever been in the tag lines.

Now however that I'm hip enough to have a new template and widgets, I may even be hip enough for a name change. And, heaven forbid (is that blasphemy?) a URL change. I could have a blog that reflected...something, as opposed to the nothing that it gives off with it's current title and URL (runnoft.blogspot.com). Most people probably don't even know the reference in the URL.

So here's what I'm thinking, while I'm changing the decor, I'll consider changing everything, and I want your help. I want your suggestions. Give me a name that suits my blog and I'll use it. I'll change, I'll rebrand, and I'll make sure you even get a blogpost worth of credit.

So leave a comment, give me your ideas and maybe things will change. But I'm not making any commitments, because I like things just because I've had them for a while.

Just to give you some inspiration here are some witty and original suggestions I thought up:

Tom Blogs
Tom's Blog
French Writing
Tales of Tom
Random Thoughts from a Random Guy
My Musings

This'll be fun.