3/23/2009 11:19:00 am

I'm Gonna Live Forever

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I went to Jess's party on Saturday night with Mil, Jemma and John. And that is the list of everyone there I knew. On the other hand, for one reason or another it felt like almost everyone there knew me.

A lot of people knew because of Donny Jaffa. Some would look at me funny. Some would laugh when they found out my connection with Donny. Some would say "Ohhhh" and then the conversation would die. One person came up to me and said "So you're Tom. I just wanted to meet you." They shook my hand and walked off.

There was another guy who found out I was Donny in a conversation I wasn't a part of. I started talking to him later. At the very beginning of the conversation he found out I went to college. John told him I'd been there for eight years. He said "You're a loser." I'd been talking to him for 10 seconds and he's already insulting me. I guess it comes with the territory being closely associated with Donny.

It's been a while since I've felt famous. One day I'd like to be famous for something good, rather than playing one of the most annoying characters you'll find in the Christian conference world.

Aside from all that, I did have a good night. I met lots of new people. I met a guy who works for an evangelism organisation and I was able to brainstorm a strategy for evangelism in strip clubs using anointed poles and Bibles printed normally on one page and in mirror image on the other, so you can read it looking at Bible on the table or looking at it via the mirrors on the roof. Genius! He didn't seem as keen as me but I'm pretty sure strip club evangelism is going to be all the rage soon.