2/10/2009 01:50:00 pm


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I went to see Revolutionary Road today. I have realised from a long history of Tuesdays that the best breakfast in the world is popcorn and Coke when eaten in a darkened cinema.

The film was very good. Not quite as devastating as I expected. Not, say, on the level of Requiem for a Dream, but that's ok. I'm happy not to have my heart ripped out and stomped on by every film I see at the cinema.

Still it was rather unpleasant. Mainly it was just two people being totally horrible to each other. Sometimes when I watch movies about couples treating each other badly it really makes me want to be in a relationship so I can do it better. This one didn't inspire me that way, it just made me happy to be single.

The film has a lot about buying into the middle class lifestyle. It's about people who live unhappy lives after selling out for comfort.

It made me think about my friends and there are many who have chosen a lifestyle where comfort isn't their highest priority. I know so many people who are living lives that are quietly revolutionary. Not because they change the world, they just refuse to settle into what looks easy. The revolution in their lives is because of their commitment to Jesus.

I don't mean that in "being a Christian is where true happiness is found" kinda way. I talking about the way they follow Jesus' radical call to love. They are willing to follow Jesus to love those in need, to give up the nice house, the good car, the quiet suburb and go in search of Jesus' good works that he's planned out for them to do.

I'm happy I don't have a bunch of friends suffocating in their suburban bliss. I have bunch of people looking for life from the one who gives it. I want to be part of their revolution.