2/04/2009 02:37:00 pm

Nordic Memory

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That last post reminded me of a moment had on the Nord's Wharf holiday.

A few of us had gone out to get coffee after church. Everyone ordered coffee and banana bread. I ordered a ginger beer. As I was paying "You make me feel like a Natural Woman" was playing and I was singing. I looked up as I got to the chorus and the girl at the register was singing too, so we accidentally serenaded each other about the others ability to make us feel naturally feminine. I think, me and her, we had a moment. I'm just not sure what type of moment.

On leaving the girl brought out the coffees and everyone's banana bread. She asked me "Don't you wish you ordered the banana bread like your friends?"

I replied by saying "I have banana bread that they know nothing about."

I'm not sure she got the reference, but I had a good time.

I give this information to you know because I think it'll be a useful little titbit for my biography in years to come.