2/04/2009 02:30:00 pm


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I have $30 in my account.

I have no job.

I'm having a wonderful time.

I eat Thai, read books, paint furniture, watch DVDs, see friends, walk around Hornsby, listen to my iPod, sleep, mooch about on the internet.

You should all quit your job. It's great.

For all those of you who are worrying, I'm not actually $30 away from starvation, that's just my bank balance. Plus I should be getting more money soon from the old employer. They are notorious for being slow with money coming through, which is great because the longer I don't have it, the longer I am not spending it. Plus I am doing the job hunt, and have an interview next week. So don't you fret, and you don't need to turn up at my door with your left-overs and second hand food. I'm very happy right now.