2/19/2009 10:15:00 pm

Good Thinking

Posted by Unknown |

On the train home tonight there was a girl talking quite loudly on her phone. Some ticket inspectors came through the carriage asking us for tickets. Judging by the girls manner on the phone I thought to myself a) she probably doesn't have a ticket and b) she'll probably argue with the ticket people and try and get out of it.

When the ticket guys got to her she very calmly told them she didn't have a ticket. They took her name and address and she was very polite any time the inspectors talked to her. The ticket guys then rang up some central place to verify her check the details.

When they had verified the name, address and date of birth, they said they'd post her fine out to her. She very politely said "Ok. Thank you." And the inspectors moved on.

I gave myself a little bit of a telling off for making assumptions about her character based on her phone manner. She didn't have a ticket but she was very good about it all.

Then I heard her tell whoever was on the other end of the phone that she'd given her sister's details so it's her sister who's going to get the fine. Good work girl, I was impressed.