2/06/2009 03:17:00 pm

La Premiere

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Nathan and I went to La Premiere. I think he took me on a man date because he wouldn't let me pay for a thing. He's a kind man.

For those who are wondering, it's the fancy pants thing at Hoyts where you pay extra (though we didn't, we had vouchers) and you get to got to an exclusive lounge before your movie where there's a bar and free pop corn and Coke. Then you get shown to your seat at the back of the cinema in a special fenced off, raised area with extra cooshy seats. You watch your movie and waiters bring you your food at pre arranged times.

It's quite the ritzy experience. Nathan and I managed to lower the decorum a little by filling our popcorn cups with Coke as they were bigger, but if the Coke is free, make the most of it.

We watched Valkyrie which I quite enjoyed. Tom Cruise isn't as bad as everyone says he is. At least not in my opinion. I know he's a bit crazy off screen, but on screen he's fine. The film was good, kinda inevitable like Titanic except with less water, romance and Celine Dion and more shooting. It was good to see Germans fighting Nazis.

The cool thing was that we had a bad print of the film. The print included too much at the top so there was boom in shot in probably 10% of the film. And at one point the film even had the reel number on the top of it. This kinda removed some of the magic from the film but it was kinda like you got to watch the behind the scenes of the film as you watched it. I liked that.

It was a fun experience. The whole thing is kinda elitist. I don't like being separated from the plebs below. But I guess the whole point is that it's elite. So I can't really complain.

I like free popcorn and Coke.