2/14/2007 11:41:00 pm


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I'm not a real big fan of Valentine's Day (apart from this day when I must have been in a good mood). This may be because I'm bitter. I've never gotten anything for Valentine's Day, except for one flower in year 11, which was given by Kaia and Jemma and they gave one to everyone in our group, so it wasn't like they were being romantic*.

Then again, I've never given anything. Except for once I gave with some friends to the girl in our class we thought would like Valentine's Day the least. We got someone to sing "In the Ning Nang Nong" to her. We thought it was pretty funny. I'm not sure now if it was mean or not. We weren't trying to be mean.

So really I haven't really gotten into the day much at all. It was always filled with hope at school, only to be dashed when my crush didn't send me a flower. These days I don't really wonder if anyone is going to send me anything because that's my job to send stuff. I've learnt that now. If you've got a crush on someone you send them something, they don't instinctively know just to do something. But I wouldn't do anything these days, because I'd be so embarrassed to declare my love for someone on Valentine's Day. It'd doom your whole relationship to a future of pink cards and taking Richard Mercer seriously. It'd make me want to vomit. Even more than normal.

So let me just say to all you potential girlfriends, wives and pash pals out there: You will never get anything from me on Valentine's Day. I'll give you something the day before, and the day after. But Valentine's Day is a romance free zone! Cause you can't break tradition can you?

*They were being friendly and it was fun to get.