2/05/2007 11:53:00 pm

The Happy Consumer

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For my birthday my lovely relatives (Mum, Dad, Jo, Grandpa and maybe Hannah) banded together to give me lots of money to buy a swanky iPod. So I did. I bought an 8GB iPod Nano, with a Nike+ Sports kit and an arm band.

The idea is to use the gadget to encourage myself to get fit. I'm really excited about it, cause Nike+ gives you graphs, and stats and everything. I love statistics! So I reckon I might start running again. Maybe I should make a deal to pay $5 to my blog readers every time I fail to run three times a week or something. That'd motivate me. Though probably not a very good idea.

Happily though, if I don't ever get fit, I will listen to lots of music. Yeehaa!

I got my iPod engraved too. That was fun. It says "I'm a Happy Consumer. This is my iPod"