2/06/2007 11:10:00 pm

Day 8769

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I went out on the town with Mil and Gemma today. We went to see Stranger than Fiction which was pretty good I reckon. It made me laugh, Will Farrel did a better job at toning himself down than I've ever seen from him. And it had good things to think about, like death, and sacrifice, and literature, and art, and probably other stuff. I did enjoy.

We also ventured to sushi train and a dancing machine. The girls did alright at the dancing, I on the other hand am not what one would call skilled. Maybe unco would be the word.

We parted company around then, I ventured off into the wilds of the Botanic Garden to plant myself among the pashing couples on the grass and read, pray and sleep. Then I came home and watched the special features on Superman Returns and ate Pad Thai.