2/17/2007 11:19:00 pm


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I went out with the Little today. We went to an internet cafe and played Need for Speed against each other. That was heaps of fun. But he's a better keyboard driver than me. He won most games. Although I'm a better drag racer. I know how to change gears using "shift". It made me want to go drive fast cars fast for real. I think I'd be better at that. Although if I drove into a lamp post it wouldn't just bounce out of the way like in the game, it'd probably kill me.

I came home and bummed around a little. I uploaded a Tabitha video to YouTube, which doesn't seem to be working yet. And then decided it might be time to head off to Matt and Beck's Engagement party.

I realised that getting to Clareville Beach from Enmore, is like getting to Newcastle from Sydney, but less pleasant. Especially when you're stupid enough to take the Spit Bridge. I arrived fashionably 2 hours late. I was the most fashionable person there I reckon. Except perhaps for the hair cut.

But the party was fun. I managed to avoid talking to most people. I don't think I was in party mode today. I did enjoy myself, I probably wasn't the best contributor to the socialisation of the party. I had fun play fighting with some little cousins I found. It made me look good with kids, and I didn't have to talk to adults! Yip! Everyone wins. Actually, I win twice, which is even better! Plus I like kids.

Tonight I hung out and at Thai with Jon and Helen. I know why I'm friends with them, 'cause I like them.

Update: Tabitha is working now. You can watch her here.