2/27/2007 11:58:00 pm


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I went to see Smokin' Aces today with David. It wasn't nearly as violent as I thought it'd be. With an R rating for violence I was expecting something that'd be difficult to watch. But it wasn't too bad at all. There was lots of shooting and stuff, but it wasn't all that gory.

As a film it was pretty good. Nothing earth shattering or anything, but it passed the time well and the last scene made me want to be a film maker. I love it when films make me want to make films. It's this bug that gets inside you and you have scenes shooting through your head and everywhere you look you see a good shot, and you want to be able just sit down at a computer and type and magic will come out. Sadly, it can't, but one day I'm going to get that a bug and there'll be a film at the end of it. That'll be fun.