2/17/2007 12:42:00 am


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So I went to the Dentist again. He wanted to put a cap on some other tooth I have. He said it looked funny. I said "No". He wanted to make one of my other teeth whiter. I said "No". I'm standing up to my Dentist. None of this cosmetic dental stuff. God made me with one tooth missing. And he made me miss one tooth and kill another. As long as my mouth is functioning I'm still happy.

I went to work, and worked fast, and hard, and ran two small groups. Which were both good. Differently good. One snappy and quite contained. The other intense and all over the shop. But both good.

Had Anmol's party. Happy Birthday Anmol. Lots of food. Nice people. His parents are champs! Lots of food.

Last night I spent all night dreaming about driving a Bugatti Veyron. Shame the clip got taken off by the BBC. Chill out I reckon folks. "But who am I to ask you lick my sores?", who said that?

Good night.