2/13/2007 11:30:00 pm


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I did a photo shoot today for BBBS. Me and my Little, and another female Big and Little went out with a photographer into the depths of the City to look good and put our images to good use.

First it was the girls' turn for a cheesy milkshake shot. I got to hold the reflector thing.

Then we got our turn to stand on a crowded street and laugh and point at things with a small depth of field. I looked like a doofus. I think I need less hair on my head.

We got bought a burger and drink each as props and rewards. That was good. I like to eat. But the eating and drinking were only a quick distraction, because it was back to being photographed reading the paper together (I think it was JB Hi-Fi ad) and running around in the park. Then we got to go home.

It was pretty fun. I would like to be a model. I'm going to get some cosmetic surgery and make it my profession. It was a good way to spend an afternoon with my little brother. We're both pretty good looking.