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Trains the Way to Go

We made it to Sudbury Suffolk which, I'm still not sure where it is. Maybe North-East of London. I'm so disoriented here. I've been staring at maps all holiday and I think I've probably properly navigated with them 1 in ever 8 times I've used it. I feel quite dumb.

Anyway, James threw us on a bus in Oxford which took us into London. Victoria Station to be precise (unless Ben corrects me) and brought two return tickets to Sudbury. Because London has such accessible public transport it only cost us AUS $82.50 each. I reckon the equivalent ticket would be like going from Sydney to Newcastle which would cost you $24 at home. It really makes you want to get the most out of your experience.

Anyway, we caught a tube train to a station we needed to be at. Went and bought lunch, missed our train, had to catch a different train, then arrived somewhere other than Sudbury where our great Aunt Claire picked us up in the metallic green Volvo.

And that was pretty much the day.

In the evening we had dinner with Claire and John (My Grandpa's brother) their kids, Nick and Suzanne and their kids, Mac and Toby. Everyone was fun.

As soon as I arrived Mac (who's almost 3) met me and took me to play football in the backyard with him. He stuck me in goal, kicked the ball at me for 10 minutes, got bored and walked off.

We ate our dinner in the backyard till it started to rain. So we finished eating inside.

At some stage in the evening we went to bed, and I got put on the biggest bed I've ever slept in. It wasn't King sized it was King, Queen and their three kids sized. I only used a third of it and I felt a little lost. The should hand out maps when you get into the bed and stick emergency exit signs on the four corners.

Anyway, despite sleeping in a small continent of mattress, I survived, slept very comfortably and found my way out. They look after me well here.

I'm about to eat a beautifully laid out breakfast with Jo. All these folk over here give you wonderful breakfasts. It makes you feel special.