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The jet lag hasn't been too bad. It just tends to hit me every now and again and I fall asleep like a small bout of narcolepsy. But then I wake up and I'm all good for a bit.

Ryan and I bought a big sound system for our house yesterday. It's fun to have, but I haven't really got to fully love it yet. I guess when I to hang out at home with it I'll love it. Especially when we hook it up to the computer so we can play iTunes through it. That'll be spec.

We hooked up our computer at home to the sound system in 1998 and I remember that playing SimTower through the sound system was wonderful. I just loved the sound of those noisy elevators turned up loud!

Going back to work was fun. I liked seeing everyone again. People make my job good.

Now I should leave because I have early morning 21sts tomorrow. Actually just one so that's a rather fallacious pluralating "s". Sorry.