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Leaving Soon

We're leaving here at 3:15am to drive out to Heathrow. We fly to Austria, then KL then Sydney at 3pm Wednesday. My brain's going to be wasted.

Anne has steep stairs in her house that make you feel like you're in the Ministry of Silly Walks if you take them two at a time.

She also has a shower head that falls off mid-shower and attempts to knock you unconsious. I shower with one eye on it the whole time just incase it leaps off the wall at me, sly bugger.

Since going away I haven't showered in one shower with a fixed shower head. They've all been these silly things that you can mount on the wall or hold in your hand and spray yourself that they have in retirement villages. I'm looking foward to showers that work normal and are screwed into the wall, and if you want to spray yourself you go get the grarden hose.

I'm off to keep reading. I'll probably see you all in Austria.