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Pad Thai!

I'd been craving Pad Thai since I was in Budapest. And last night I had it for dinner. And this morning I had it for breakfast. Oh yes. It's good to be home, if only for the multi-national cusine. But that's not all. There are people here that I like. Lot's of people.

And there's my bed.

And there's my new t-shirts.

And there's cable internet.

So I'm pretty happy.

I didn't go to college this morning because I didn't want to. And found out from a letter that I opened before breakfast that I passed college last semester with a credit so I felt like going even less.

And the plane trip? Well it was long. I slept some, ate some dodgy food, and didn't get a window seat. We had a two middle seats all the way from Vienna to Sydney which was a different experience. The only advantage being is it's easier if you want to get up and go to the toilet or chat up a flight attendant.

There was a man sitting near me who looked like the music teacher in The Simpsons.