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Russian Photos

These are the last of my Russian photos. Only Hungary and England to go. Sorry there's a lot. I hope you don't have dial up.


This is a church in St Petersburg. It's built on a piece of ground where one of the Tzars got assasinated on his way to getting the new constitution signed. His carraige got blown up.

St Issacs.jpg

Inside St Issac's Catherdral

Hot Russian.jpg

Sexy Russian Attire


That's 9:53pm.


At Peterhof. Built by Peter the Great, the man who loved spurting water.

Baltic Sea.jpg

Summer fun in the Baltic Sea.

Peterhof Trees.jpg

Jo, Valentina and Tanya at Peterhof

Crossing Road.jpg

Waiting to cross the St Petersburgian road


A grave at the burial place for the 1941-45 siege. There were fields and fields of mass graves like this. So sad.

Jos Bored.jpg

Jo's bored of planes