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These are the Hungarian photos. This is the fruit of a free afternoon. I know there are a lot. I hope you can cope. I'll do Austria and England later. Maybe next week.

The Beast.jpg

The Car we traveled to Hungary and back in. The hottest car eva bro!

The Flats.jpg

Our flats in Budapest. Pretty swish. We were on the right-hand with the balcony but our windows were around the corner.


The stairwell in our units


The memorial for the Jews who were shot into the Danube in World War 2

On the Bench.jpg

Jo, Valentina and Grandpa on a bench outside the Hungarian Parliament House

Budapest Building.jpg

A building Budapest. Lots of them were still like this, a bit decrepit and filled with bullet holes from WWII and the 1956 revolt.

Grandpa in Budapest.jpg


Dancing on Margrit.jpg

Dancing on Margrit Island

St Stephen.jpg

St Stephen the Angry

Staute and Blimp.jpg

At Statue Park where they keep all the old Communist statues.


Who knew Communist Statues could make me look so good?

At Balaton.jpg

At Lake Balaton, Hungary's premiere holiday location!

From the Car.jpg

The view was always good in our car