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Hunger Buster

I know that's a dodgy title but I need to go to bed. Spent the last two days driving around the Hungarian countryside in our ugly hire care. We went to visit lots of towns where Great-Grandparents lived and the like.

It was good to get more history, more stories. It was depressing to think of what horrid people we humans are. I have been affected again by my connection to the holocaust. We live in very different times, but I doubt we're very different people. What evil is in our hearts?

Hungary was real good. I'd love to go back one day. I love the sound of the language.

We're back in Vienna tonight and tomorrow, then it's off to England in the evening to the land of the other ancestors. Although I'm not sure how many stories there are to tell there. "This is where nothing happened." But we'll see. We're only spending about half the time with relos, so it'll be different.

I haven't yet taken a photo of the toilets here, so tomorrow ill probably be my last chance. I'll have the camera at the ready.

Grandpa and Valentina are tops. Tomorrow they go to Italy. I'm sure we'll sing traditional parting of ways songs in our national dresses tomorrow at the airport.