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Doing the Toff

After an extended sleep-in we (Jo, James and I) went into Oxford to walk around and see if there was anything free we could go to. Alas, there wasn't much. There were lots of 16 year-old Americans on summer school but no free colleges to visit.

It was rather hot yesterday. Not like unbearable, but hot like a normal Sydney summers day. But the locals are getting worried. There are warnings on the radio to stay inside, take cold showers, drink lots of water and put sun-screen on your skin "in a thick buttery layer" and the newspapers are advertising tips to be there "100 degree heat wave" (which is 38 degrees Celsius if you're wondering). But I'm not sure it was 38 yesterday.

I heard one man earnestly tell another yesterday that he's "been trying hard to stay out of the sun".

Anyway, we wandered around the colleges, all these big, old spired buildings. It's a bit like a whole town of Hogwarts. Unfortunately I was wearing my Hogwarts t-shirt yesterday so I felt like a little silly. But I wasn't really thinking when I got dressed in the morning.

We picked up Bec in the arvo and retired to a little pub called The Mole Inn in Toot Baldon. That was cool just because we were in a place called Toot Baldon.

In the evening we ate some dinner at home and watched Goldfinger on TV. That was cool. I was just thinking that day "I want to watch James Bond again". The Lord provides.

Today we're leaving Oxford to visit some relos in Sudbury Suffolk, wherever that is.