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Yesterday my Mum had all the volunteers from the drop in where she works over to our house for a barbeque. I did quite well. I don't cope to well when my house fills up with people I don't know, but I didn't hide too much. I only really retreated to my room when I ran out of food to eat and the speeches started.

Being that the drop in centre is for people off the street and a lot of the volunteers are people who have joined the team after spending time there, my house was quite an interesting place. I do enjoy the change of meeting people who aren't middle-class, well adjusted, North Shore people. Not that I have anything against rich, "happy" people, but every now and again it's good to have a conversation with a drunk man in your kitchen who writes poetry to stop himself from getting into fights.

It was an interesting contrast to go from my house to church to run our youth night. The youth night was great. I love seeing young people who love Jesus. And I love it when people become Christians.

The theme of the night was "Bling Bling" (very biblical) and it made me very aware of how white, Australian and rock loving we all are. It wasn't a problem but most of us seemed rather lost with the whole Hip/Hop Gangsta thing when we tried to put it on. I think if I was Tupac or 50 ent I would have found the whole thing rather quaint: "Oh look it's the white Christians trying to be black rappers." Not that they'd say that, and I doubt they would describe anything as "quaint"

But I had fun and everyone was a little silly and in the end the night wasn't really about being a successful rip-off or send-up of another sub-culture, so I think we did fine. People became Christian and that was tops.